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TouchPOS: Touch View Guide

This guide includes information on doing the most basic sales functions in TouchPOS:

  • Login
  • Start day
  • Clock in/out
  • Adding a customer to the sale
  • Making a sale in cash or credit
  • Returns
  • Cash in/out
  • X report
  • End the Day



Step 1: Enter your ERPLY customer code and click “Ok”


Step 2: Provide your login information ( Username & Password). Click “Login” when complete.


Step 3: Select the register you would like to work with. Click the drop down arrow to display the available registers. then click “Select”.

Start Day

Step 1: Count all money in the drawer and input the appropriate value into each field, or input a value into the “Register” field, and click “Start the day” when ready.

Clock In/Clock Out

Step 1: Click “Functions” located in the lower panel of the POS main screen


Step 2: Click “Clock In/Clock Out”

Step 3: Click drop down arrow to select user you would like to clock in/out. Then click “Clock In” when ready.


Step 4: Enter the selected users PIN or password. Then click “Clock In” to complete action.


Add Customer

Step 1: Click  “+” located on the right panel of the POS main screen

Step 2: A list of customers that are already in the system is displayed along with a search bar to find a customer in the system. To create a new customer click “New Customer”

Step 3: Fill in the appropriate fields for the customer’s information. Select customer group. When complete select “Save”  


Make A Sale/ Payment Options

Step 1: The product groups are displayed on the top panel (Default Group). Click the product group that contains the product that you wish to sell. Selecting a product group will display all products (Example Product) that are available in that group.

Step 2: Click the product you wish to sell and it will be added to the checkout list located on the right panel.

Step 3: When ready to checkout, Click the “Pay” icon located in the lower panel

Step 4: Cash Payment – Click the amount of cash that the customer is paying. This can be done by clicking one of the preset values or by clicking “Enter Cash” (allows you to manually enter the amount being paid). If the customer is paying the exact amount of cash you can just click “Exact Cash”.

Step 5: Complete transaction by clicking “Confirm”

Step 6: Credit Payment – If the customer is making the total payment using a card click “Exact Card”. If the payment is being made by card using a different amount than the total price, you must click “Enter Card” and select the amount being paid.


Step 7: Complete transaction by clicking “Confirm”

Step 8 : After confirming you are given the options to “Print the receipt” and/or “Send receipt to email”, this can be done by clicking on the boxes and filling in the email address field. When complete click “Ok”.


Step 1: Click “Return” in the lower panel

Step 2: Enter Invoice Number. Then select “Find”.


Step 3: Check the box of the items that are going to be returned, then click “Select”.

Step 4: Next click, “Pay”. All returns go to original tender (if return is being done with a receipt) or store credit. Select either original tender or “Store Credit”.

Step 5: Click “Void” to finalize the return

Cash In/Cash Out

Step 1: Click “Functions” located in the lower panel of the POS main screen

Step 2: Click “Cash In/Out”

Step 3: Enter in the amount that you would like to Cash In/Cash Out. When complete select either “Cash In” to add money to the drawer total, or “Cash Out” to remove cash from the drawer.

Print X-Report

Step 1: Click “Functions” located in the lower panel of the POS main screen.

Step 2: Click “X-Report”

Step 3: Click “Print”

End Day


Step 1: Click “Functions” located in the lower panel of the POS main screen

Step 2: Click “Close day”


Step 3: All register information including Tenders can be accessed. When ready click “End the day”.

Step 4: Note any specific details about the register or the day. Then click “OK” to complete process.