Tutorial Videos

Dashboard Overview
Creating a Tax Rate
Creating a Location/Register
Add Products
Add Products
Creating a Bundle Product
Creating a Matrix Product (Part 1)
Creating a Matrix Product (Part 2)
Stylist Total Report
Receiving Inventory
Product Totals Report
Processing Payroll
Physical Stocktaking
Gathering Client Info
Exporting To Excel From ERPLY
Day Overview Report
Creating A Purchase Order
Creating A P.O. From A Paper Invoice
Clocking In And Out
Editing Time Clock Entries
Start the Day in TouchPOS new
Make a Sale in TouchPOS new
Use Store Credit in TouchPOS new
Save a Sale in TouchPOS new
Make a Return in TouchPOS new
Make an Exchange in TouchPOS new
TouchPOS Functions Guide
Set up Cashdrawer on a PartnerTech
Set up Star TSP 650 Printer
Installing Roll Paper (Epson T88v)