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Using Erply zendesk support

Submit Request

Confirmation Email

Signing into Zendesk for the first time

Check on request

Submit new information to your ticket

Ticket Resolution


Submitting a request:


There are three ways to submit a request for support online


When sending a help request, please include as much information as you can, it will help us to solve your problem more efficiently, and importantly, more quickly.


Information to include would be your customer ID number and business name, your name, a description of the problem you are having, and some information about what hardware and software you are using.  If you have files involved, you may attach them to the email, or on the zendesk form.


1.) Questions tab at http://support.erply.com :

Submitting a new request through https://erply.zendesk.com:

Confirmation email


Once you have submitted your request, via any of these methods, the email address you included will receive an email with your ticket number and a link to check the ticket status.

Signing into zendesk for the first time.


When you click on your ticket number, you will be brought to a login screen at zendesk.  If you have not previously used zendesk, you will not have a login password.  Click on the ‘Help! I don’t know what to enter here!’ link.

This brings you to a screen where you should enter your valid email address.  An email will be sent to that address, and it includes a link which will take you to a prompt to choose a password.  

Passwords must be at least 6 characters, include a number, a non-alphanumeric character, and one capital letter.

Checking on your ticket status

Using the link in your email, and your new password, you can check on your ticket status.  Tickets are initially unassigned, and you will be notified of any change in status via email.

If you have more than one ticket open, you can see any and all requests under the ‘Check your Existing Requests’ tab.

Submitting new information to an existing request

Once you are in zendesk, and looking at your tickets, should any of them require more information from you to solve the issue, or if you’ve discovered new, related, behavior or issues you may add information to the ticket by using the ‘Comments’ form at the bottom of each ticket.


Ticket Resolution


When the ticket has been resolved, you will receive an email alerting you.

You will find your resolved ticket under the ‘solved and recently closed requests’ link to the right of your open request queue.

When your issue has been resolved, we would like it if you would rate your experience with us.  We strive to make our software as easy as possible, but we know everything has issues sometimes, so we also strive to make our helpdesk experience excellent. Let us know how we’ve done.