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Viewing Most and Least Sold Items

Sales Reports are packed full of useful information, but they can sometimes be hard to look at. This guide will show you how to organize your reports to better read the data ERPLY is collecting. This example will teach you how to view items sorted by quantity sold.

In the Back Office, click the REPORTS module and click “Sales.” This will display links to view a variety of Sales Reports.


Under “Item Sales” on this screen, click the first link labeled “By Product.” This will open a new window with a “Sales By Product” report.

items sales

The blue bar containing the column headers is interactive. By clicking a header, the report will organize accordingly.

tpp bar

To organize by Most/Least sold, click “Sold Quantity.” Clicking it once will sort the products from the item with the least quantity sold to the item which sold the most, as shown by a downward facing triangle.  To sort by most to least sold, click the header again. The triangle will now be facing upwards.

leastmost mostleast

You can now print or save as a PDF by clicking “Print.”