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WebPOS: POS Association

This guide will go over how to set POS association for webPOS.  If you want this feature on WindowsPOS, use the settings button, function tab setting.  This does not work for TouchPOS.


1) To Associate a terminal with a location, first you have to enable a user group option to do this.

   See User Groups guide ( http://support.erply.com/user-groups/)

2) Scroll down to the ‘POS Associations’ checkbox.

Check the box, save the setting.

3) Log in as someone in the group enabled to do the POS associations.

Go to settings, you will now see an option for ‘POS Associations’

4)While at the computer you’d like to associate, select the register you’d like that computer to be, and click ‘create association’.  This will make it so only computers at this location can be this register.