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WinPOS: Using Tips

*Currently tipping only works with the desktop/windows version of ERPLY.  To enable the tips function, you need desktop ERPLY version .1679 or higher.


Enable tips:

Log into your desktop ERPLY, with a user with sufficient rights to create other users, and click on ‘Settings’

Select the ‘ERPLY settings’ tab:


Check off ‘Enable TIPS’ and Save.

Log out, then back in to synchronize your new setting.

Using Tips

Make a sale, and hit the pay button, you will now see a line to enter your tip amount.


Notice that the tip increases the total.


Tips reporting

In your x-report, tips are removed from the cash expected in the drawer (tips are presumed to be given to the employee, not the drawer)

In the back-end on the invoice, you will see the total for the sale, with tips being a negative payment on the total, bringing the invoice total down to the original charge without the tip.