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The end of day x-report and the z-report are related reports.  The x report shows you information for one day, and one register, at the register.  The z report shows you that smae information for more than one register, more than one day, or from the back office module.

-Z Report is a printer-friendly report that gives detailed information during specified dates on cash transactions, credit transactions, voided transactions, and specific register opening and closing amounts including variances.

-You can generate Z reports based on a time frame, locations, registers, and/or sales associates.

– To generate a Z-report you click on the Reports Module on top.

– Click on Z Report, located in the middle of the left scroll.

-The Z Report card will pull up on the right hand side. Here you have the ability to specify what you want to view in the report. You can choose which Register in which Location, the Sales Associate, and what time-frame. The Select bar to right of the Date, allows to quickly choose a time-frame.

-Once you completed choosing these filters, you click the Z Report link on the bottom under POS to generate the report.

-In my example, I want to view the transactions done by A Derply during last 15 days with Register 1 located in Store 1.

-The Z Report will then generate with details on cash and card transactions done by the associate. If you scroll down, there will be details on the opening and closing amounts (over/short) for the registers used by the Sales Associate during the time frame.