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Cash Payouts can be used to account for any cash coming out if the register for a reason other than a return/sale. These payouts reflect on End of day reporting, as well as back office Z-report

This guide covers:
A.) How to record payout
B.) Closing the day accounting for Payouts in POS

A.) Recording payouts in Offline POS

In POS, you will see see button for CASH IN and CASH OUT
-CASH OUT- used for taking cash OUT of register
-CASH IN- used for taking cash IN to  register

-Click the “Cash IN” button
– New window opens
– list amount paid out
-NOTES field can be used for description of why/what is being paid out:

-Confirm the Payout:

Payout is now complete.


B.) Closing the day/account for Cash Payouts
1.) printing X report
2.) Closing the day
1.) Printing X report
-1st step is to open your X-report and view your totals
*good time to print this to be used as reference when closing the day:

-X report will display in new window:
* Notice that your Cash total = Day Income on the report:


“Day income + all cash in & out” line shows the amount of cash expected after accounting for the CASH IN/OUT’s done:

“Expected amount in register at end of day” will account for the amount of cash (after  accounting for Cash IN/OUT’s) + the initial amount in the register when the day was started:

-Print the report using the printer icon:

2.) Closing the day

-Click the “Close the day” tab  (bottom toolbar):

-Enter in your totals (can view these on printed X-report) :

-Once finalized, END OF DAY report will display
-Review the OVER/UNDER to see discrepancies:

Day is now ended