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Creating a Gift Card in the Back Office

Most gift cards you will create will be handled from the point of sale, as explained in this document. However, occasionally you may wish to create pre-paid gift cards for promotions or other reasons. To create a gift card without taking a payment, first go to the Retail Chain module, then click “Gift Cards.”

This will bring up the Gift Cards screen. This lists all active and used gift cards. To create a new one, click “New”

You can enter quite a bit of information about a gift card in the new Gift Card field, but in order to create a new card, all you will need is to enter the Code and the Value. The Code should match the barcode on your physical Gift Card, and can be entered or scanned. The Value will be the amount which the card should be worth. Below, we are creating a card with a value of $20.00.

Click “Save” when complete. This will create the Gift Card without needing to process a payment for it.

NOTE: Once this gift card is completed, the card associated with it will be active. Treat any Gift Cards entered into the back office in this way as though they were money.


To redeem a gift card, ring up a sale at the POS as normal, and click “Pay.” When the payment screen pulls up, select the “Gift Card” button.

This will allow you to search or scan the gift card being entered. If searching, press the magnifying glass when the code is entered.

The gift card will now be shown as a method of payment on the payment screen. Complete the payment with another tender, then press the checkmark button to finish the sale.