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Gift Card Setup and Use

Enable Use in ERPLY

1. Select Settings -> Configuration


2. Check box that says “Use Gift Cards with serial numbers” and Save


Setting up Gift Card Product

1. Go to Inventory Module

2. Create new product

3. Create item code, name, price, and check box that says “ This product is a serial numbered  gift card”

– Set check box to tax free in all location as well
– If set denomination enter price ($25, $50, $100 etc), if going to let customer choose amount at time of sale leave at $0 and change price at time of sale.

4. Once this information is set select save and your gift card product has been created


Selling Out Gift Card

1) Search gift card product name or code, select gift card selection wanted

2) Enter in serial number that will be assigned to the gift card, select save

3) If predefined will display amount, if not predefined amount change to customer requested amount (changed to $40 in below example)

4) Tender sale and take payment

5) Once sale is complete you will now be able to see card information under Inventory -> Gift Cards


Redeeming Gift Card

1) Ring up items and pay

2) Select Gift card as form of payment

3) Enter serial number

4) Confirm and Enter

5) Will display remaining balance on receipt.