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TouchPOS: Open/Close Day

Opening and Closing your days are done through the POS. You can always edit numbers and dates through the backend later.


[ To edit opening and closing numbers  — Settings > Editing Day open/close ]


– When you initially log in to your register, you will be automatically asked to open for the day and to input the starting cash amount.


– Once the day is over, you can close the day by clicking the function button on the bottom right corner.


– Click ‘Close the Day’ from the Functions pop-up menu.

– Input all your closing cash amount.


– To input totals for your other tender types you click the Tenders button.

– After inputting all amounts you click Done, and then End the Day. Your X-report for the day will automatically generate, and you can print it. You will automatically be logged out after.

To see this tutorial for the WindowsPOS: http://support.erply.com/?p=253