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How to Print Barcode Labels for Products

1. First step in printing barcode labels in ERPLY is to open the Product to be printed “Product Card”, you can do this by Clicking open the “Inventory” Module and selecting your product from the list.

You can search products using filters (shown below in light blue area)

2. Once you locate the product, check the check-box on far left of product, this will highlight the product dark blue, you can print barcodes for multiple products by checking the box next to each product needed:

3. Next step is to scroll up to the top of the Inventory module; you will see a tab on the right hand of screen “barcode labels”:

4. Once you select this a new page will appear with options regarding the barcode labels to be printed. You can select to have ERPLY print only the amount of labels corresponding to stock levels, or a fixed amount you can specify.

Also be sure to check your label printer paper size, and match it up to corresponding label format

5. When complete, select the “continue” button, this will display the labels to be printed.

6. Final step is to print, using the File tab—select print—specify printer—and send the job to printer:

7. All set, labels are ready to print, and be put to products. All will be scannable at POS level as long as UPC code is defined and saved on Product card.