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Inventory Registration – Classic

Inventory Registration

Inventory registrations are used to increase stock levels of your items. These are created after physical stocktaking, adding quantities from the product card, or anywhere else you’d add stock that is not a purchase invoice.  The product costs indicated on the inventory registrations is what determines your warehouse values, and also your margins and costs of goods sold.   Once confirmed, inventory registrations SHOULD NOT be edited.  You May delete them and re-enter them with the correct effective date (if you need to back date them for making corrections at a alter date). After the 2013(i) update, you cannot edit confirmed inventory registrations.

1. INVENTORY module—Select Inventory Registration from the left scroll:


-Select NEW to open a new registration form:


-Select Location you plan to register the goods into:

*Choose date if you would like the registration to take place at a later date


– Add products to the Registration act

-this can be done by:

-Scanning UPC

-Typing in product name OR code to locate the product:


* use the new row button to add more product lines

-Enter your cost (this will auto-fill with last purchase price in system, or from the ‘product cost’ field on the product card if there is no previous purchase price)

-enter the quantity of each item to be registered:

Click SAVE :


**Saving will not update stock levels


* Once saved you will notice time stamp appears with creator & time/date

-Printer icon also appears (can click to print the registration act);


Click CONFIRM once completed:

** Once Confirmed, stock levels will update

(unless later date was defined for the registration act, in this case the stock will update on the date defined.)



-Can view list of all Inventory Registrations:


-Use filters to locate specific Inventory Registration:

Ex: filter by date range: