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Inventory Write-Off

This guide reviews Inventory write-off which decreases the stock level of items.

Step 1:

Click on the inventory module located on the top left of your ERPLY account page.


Step 2:

Scroll down the left hand menu and click on “Inventory Write-offs”

Step 3:

Click on the “New” icon located on the top right of this card.

Step 4:

Enter in the information in the given fields.  You may select the reason for this write-off from the drop down on the left. In most cases write-offs are done because of broken items, samples, warehouse leftovers, etc.   If you’d like to change the available reason codes, you can find them in Settings.


Step 5:

Select the products that will be included in this inventory write-off. To add another product you may click on “new row”.


Step 6:

Click on the save icon located on the top right of this card to complete later.


Step 7:

Click on the confirm icon upon completion.