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Layaway Payments – Berlin

If you need to process a transaction as a layaway, first add a customer to your sale, then add the items being put on layaway to your cart. When you’re ready to take payment, click “Save as Layaway,” located in the Options buttons. Keep in mind, you cannot create a layaway payment for a default POS customer, so a specific customer must be selected.

The “Layaway payment” screen will open in the right hand column. Choose how much the customer will prepay, either by a percentage of the total or entering a value yourself. Here, we have entered an advance payment of $50.00.

To set the Expiry Date, simply enter the date by which the layaway needs to be paid in full. Click “Save” when this is completed.

Select the payment type for the advance payment and hit “Confirm.” This will process the advance payment like a normal payment. An Invoice number will generate, and you will have the option of printing a receipt or e-mailing one to the client.

To locate any prepayment invoice from the point of sale, click “Layaways,” found in the function buttons.

You will see all of your created prepayment invoices. You can search by customer or invoice number in the search field by the magnifying glass icon.

Once you select the prepayment invoice, the items on the invoice will populate in your cart. You can pay the balance by hitting “Pay.” To do another partial payment, you can once again use the “Save as Layaway” button to add another partial payment to the layaway.  Items do not leave stock until the prepayment invoice is entirely paid off through the main tender button.

NOTE: If you are viewing a saved layaway in the POS, and you need to start a different transaction, click the “New sale” button. This will revert the layaway to it’s last saved state. You can access it later by clicking the “Layaways” button. Do not click “Save sale” when viewing a layaway in the POS. This will create a duplicate sales document.

Returning a Layaway Payment

To return a Layaway payment, select the RETURN button on the point of sale. When prompted for a receipt number, enter the Prepayment Invoice number. Continue with return as normal.