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WinPOS: Loyalty Programs/Points

-Loyalty in Erply is a Point based system
-how to create rules
-how to utilize at register


1. Defining $ amount per loyalty Point


-Under “Invoices and sales” find field “for all purchase, customer collects:”
Define here “x” reward points per $1

*The second blank text box, define the # of months this loyalty program will be effective
**will not work if field is left blank!:

2. Creating the loyalty program(promotion) Rules:

Click NEW + to create a new promotion:

Give title to new promotion, start date, and define rules–SAVE

Ex below: Customer must redeem 600 loyalty points, and customer will get $10 off purchase:

Loyalty Program is now set to be used.


3. Accruing Loyalty Points at POS register:

In Offline POS- be sure to choose your customer (if not no points will be accrued)

For our example, I will complete a transaction for $972 to demonstrate how points are allocated:

Total With Tax:

-You can view a Customers Loyalty Points # on the CUSTOMER CARD in back-end:

Here is Ex customers card, notice reflects points for sale above:


4. Redeeming Loyalty Rewards at POS register:

-Add customer to CUSTOMER field :

-Add items to transaction:

-Before ringing up the sale- Select button LOYALTY OFFERS from lower right button cluster:

-Window opens showing all Loyalty Promotions that are active
-select correct Promotions from “available Loyalty offers” and click the “>>” button to move the promotion over to “selected loyalty offers

-* Notice that window also shows customers available points

-press OK button to apply:

-Once applied, notice that the promotion has been applied
-product cost now reflects $100 off: