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Making a Return for Store Credit

-Make sure that you fill the customer field to ensure that credit is being applied to proper customers account.
-If they are a returning customer- simply search them in the “customer” field
-If they are 1st time customer- Utilize the “add Customer” button on the POS screen—fill the customer card—and save

  • Customer  wants to make a return on product- next step is to click the “Void/Return” key on POS view


-upon hitting Return Key- system will display screen that you must fill the invoice # to pull the receipt up.
-You can view this # on the receipt the customer brings in:

Once you fill this number and “continue” the receipt will display; just make sure you check the box next to the corresponding items they would like to return:


Once you select “done” you will see the return item in the invoice:


Next step is to tender the sale using the green “tender” button on bottom of screen, you will see the tender screen display.
-In this screen you now need to manually add the amount (price) of the returned item to the field “add to customer account” —and go ahead and finalize the transaction:


Once done you will see that the customer’s account now holds this credit, and receipt print out displays this information for the customers reference: