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WinPOS: Open and Close Day

Opening a day:

Step 1: Sign into your ERPLY account. Once you sign in you will see a pop-up window prompting you to select the correct register.

Step 2: Once you have selected your register, click on the “select icon”. You will now notice a “Start the day” window. Enter a value for each denomination, or just a value for the amount in the register,  and click on the “Start the day” button.

Closing a day:

Step 1: Once you have completed your day in ERPLY, you can close the day by pressing “F7” on the keyboard or clicking on the “End day” button located on the bottom right of your POS window.


Step 2: The “End the day” window will pop-up. Next you will need to enter the amount that was counted in the register along with the amount you would like to deposit. When you have completed this you can go ahead and click on “End the day”