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POS Interface – Berlin

Product Groups

Product Groups are located on the very top of your POS screen. Each button represents one of the product groups you created in the ERPLY back office. If you click on one of these product group buttons, you will see a list of all products in that group. You can select any item to add it to the shopping cart. Each item in ERPLY is associated with a Product Group. You can pull up more product groups by clicking the “…” square at the end of this row.

Quick Selections

Quick Selection buttons are located in the middle of your POS screen. You can add a product to your “Quick Selection” list from the ERPLY back-office. Quick selections are used for products that are frequently purchased at your store, best selling items, or impulse buys that may be added on at the register. These buttons make it easier to add these products without having to search through product groups.


The “Function” buttons can be used for any action which does not affect the current information displayed in the shopping cart, such as pulling up a saved sale, viewing the X-report or recent transactions, clocking in, closing the day, and more.


Sales Options

These buttons are used to manipulate/edit the current information displayed in the shopping cart. They allow you to save sales, enter discounts and promotions, and more.



The Switch button allows you to switch between employees using their PIN code. Switching users preserves the sale in cart, and is appropriate for use with managerial overrides.

The Lock button logs you out of the POS. You will need to log back in again with your username and password or PIN. Locking the POS will remove anything in the cart.


Settings Area

The settings bar allows you to turn on edit mode, access the back-office, switch views on the POS, and add configurations. For some Settings functions, you will need the proper permissions assigned to access.

Icon List  Sync Status // Status Bar // Edit Products // Back Office // Switch View // Settings


Status Bar – Indicates the status of your connection to the ERPLY services. The current icon, with five bars of increasing heights, means excellent connection. A lower number of bars means difficulty connecting to our servers. Usually this is related to internet connectivity, but can also indicate interference from firewalls or network security, or anything else that may block or hinder the ERPLY servers from reaching your device.

Edit Mode – Allows you to edit the product’s retail price, name, and code directly on the POS. Editing the products here will save those changes to the back-end inventory as well.

Back Office – Opens ERPLY back office in a new window.

Switch View– Allows you to toggle between Quick Serve view (with all the products as buttons) and Retail View (optimal for barcode scanning).

Settings – Additional settings and configurations for the POS only.