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Setting up PayPal with ERPLY TouchPOS app

This guide details the setup process in order to begin swiping credit cards via PayPal Here swiper with ERPLY touchPOS iPad POS application.  To use these features you should be signed up with ERPLY on a ‘Paypal’ register plan.  Please contact support@erply.com or call us at 917-210-1251 to get signed up for this plan, and have a swiper sent to you if you have not done so already at: http://erply.com/cashforregisters/

 1- First, download the ERPLY TouchPOS App from Apple app store:



2- Open the TouchPOS application

  • If you do not have an ERPLY account you can create one using the SIGN UP button. Then login and continue these steps.
  • If you do have an existing ERPLY account login to this account using your ERPLY account code and user credentials.



3- At the POS screen use the UP ARROW button in the lower right corner to open the MENU


4- From the menu choose WIZARD


5- Once the Wizard displays, skip forward to step 3 of 5.

Then select CONFIGURE PAYPAL ACCOUNT to begin.



6-  A PayPal window will open in your browser.

Select the 2nd option “A business or non-profit”


Agree and Continue:




6- Configure Paypal:

  • If you do not yet have an account, fill this form to continue.
  • If you already have a PayPal Merchant account:

Select the “I already have an account” option in the upper right.



After selecting “I already have an account” you will be prompted to login using your PayPal credentials:


You’re almost done!  Press the continue button to finalize:



8- Complete the final PayPal form

Required info: DOB and SS #:



 Click the AGREE and CONTINUE button to finalize.

Next screen confirms your set up.  Click the provided  link to return to your ERPLY TouchPOS app.


9- The TouchPOS app will reopen

A list of ERPLY Locations will display

Select the ENABLE button for the location for which you would like to use PayPal


10- Provide information regarding your location in the Paypal Location Setup Form.

**Leave Longitude and Latitude blank, they will be assigned automatically **


11- Save this to complete your setup

12- To verify your setup, run a test transaction:

  1. Make sure your paypal swiper is in your headphone jack, and turn the volume ALL THE WAY up
  2. Add items to a sale then selsct the ‘Pay’ button
  3. Hit ‘EXACT CARD’ then CONFIRM
  4. You will then be prompted to swipe your card:


Still having issues? Don’t forget to enable location services for “Touch POS” in your iPad’s settings