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Setting up Star TSP Printer & Cashdrawer with ERPLY

Now that you have your printer and cash drawer, it’s time to set them up on your computer and with ERPLY.


Make sure that you have the right cables connected to the right ports. The cables may say “Printer” and “Cash Drawer” on the ends, you must plug the “Printer” side into the printer, and “Cash Drawer” side to the cash drawer. If the ends are switched, then the cash drawer will not pop open.


Please download the correct drivers for your printer, you can find the drivers at your printer company’s website.

For Star Micronics Printer, you can find them here.

For Star TSP 650 Series, here is the manual for installing your drivers and cash drawer.

Note: Bluetooth functionality can be used for these printers, but is not generally recommended. Please refer to manufacturer’s documentation for specifics. A good rule of thumb is, if you can print a test page to it, Erply can work with it.

Star Receipt Printer Settings

  1. Click on Start menu, then Control Panel < Printers and Faxes

  2. Right-click on the Star TSP printer, and select Printer Properties

  3. TSP643, click on the Raster Print Options tab. TSP650 and TSP143, click on the Device Settings tab.

    • Print Mode = Raster

    • Paper Type = Receipt

    • Page Cut Type (TSP654 Cutter Model Only) = No Cut

    • Document Cut Type (TSP654 Cutter Model Only) = Partial Cut

    • Document Feed Type (TSP651 Tear Bar Model Only) = Tear Bar

    • Peripheral Unit Type = Cash Drawer

    • Peripheral 1 = Document Top

  4. Save the changes


ERPLY Point of Sale for Windows ONLY

  1. Settings < Printing tab < Use Printer, select your Star TSP printer

  2. Use Direct Printing must be unchecked

  3. Cash Drawer tab < After check print open cashdrawer automatically, must be checked

Do a test transaction with cash as the payment type.  The receipt should print out, thus popping the cash drawer.