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Task Management Module

Erply Task System is designed to manage tasks assigned to Employees and/or Customers.
This module is flexible and can be modified to your business

1. You can create as many different “task types” as you would like in Erply:


-Give the task type name—SAVE:

** Under SETTINGS, you can also modify:

After building out your Task types, durations, and statuses you can now begin to utilize the Task system.

2. Click open the TASKS module—NEW to add a new task:

New task Card display:
-Tasks can be assigned to:
-Customers and/or Employees

Your preset data for TYPE, DURATION, and STATE will be available from the drop down menus to be set accordingly.

* Supplier field can be used in the case that the Task is related to a Supplier in the sytem:

Ex: Send PO to “XYZ” to be in time for 12/15 workday
* The NOTES field can be used to add Misc. data to the assigned TASK


3. Later you can filter through tasks using various filters:

If a task is assigned to an Employee, it will be displayed in given Employees CALENDAR. This can be used to keep track of given persons daily TASK schedule:

You can click on a given Task on Calendar to open it. Once open Employee can change the Task “status” to show progress/completion of given task.


4. Later you can view Reports on Tasks:

-REPORTS module
-TASK AND TIME BILLING (from left scroll menu)

You can define various filters (shown above)


You can click the TASK to reopen if direct from ACTIVITY REPORT to modify/double check.

* TASKS assigned to Customers, can also be located on the CUSTOMER CARD, under the TASK tab: