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Using Assignments


1.) First make sure that the ASSIGNMENTS module is active for your usergroup

-You can tell by checking is the icon is in your toolbar:


*if you do not see this icon:

-Open settings—Users–USERGROUPS



-Click open corresponding USERGROUP

-Scroll down and make sure “Assignments” is enabled, if all fields are blank it is not active in your account:

-Once turned on—SAVE

-Icon will now appear in Tool bar



2.) ASSIGNMENTS—NEW to add new assignment:

-On new Assignment form- fill:


-Appliance being worked on

-Date recieved

-Location (store)


** The magnifying glass icon can be used to look up existing customers/appliances

** The + sign icon can be used to add new customers/appliances to the system:

-SAVE when complete


-Once saved, notice 2 things:

-# is given to assignment- this # will be used to track and filter in the system

-New form appears on bottom of Assignment:




3.) List out issues reported by the customer– use the NEW ISSUE button to add more:



4.) List out the Products and/or Services that went into this work order


-you can begin typing a product/service name to add it quickly, or use the “select service” or “select product” buttons to open a list and choose


-For products- add the amount and price

* price will automatically pull from the product card, you can modify if necessary here


-For services- add employee that completed the task (select from drop down)

-add hours spent on task:


* Use the “ADD” button to add the product/service to the work order:


5.) Work order is now complete, time to invoice the customer:

-Select the CREATE INVOICE button :


– Invoice form will open, you will notice all fields are already determined by the Work order

-Modify if necessary

-CONFIRM button to finalize the invoice:




6.) ** Adding Custom Assignment Statuses


-Settings—Other settings—-Assignment statuses:



-”+NEW” to add new status:



-Once added- these status will appear on work order as Status options:

-They can also be used to filter ASSIGNMENTS on the main page: