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Warehouse Application

The Warehouse Application is a complementary app to ERPLY Back Office that helps streamline the process of receiving product, shipping products and taking inventory of products. It is intended to be used by warehouse workers or shop employees on the warehouse or shop floor. The application can be accessed here.

At a Glance



To access the Warehouse Application, sign in with your Erply credentials: Username, Password, and Client Code.

Receiving A Purchase Order

Select the Warehouse/Location that will be handling the inventory.

The following screen will next appear. ‘Products in’ should be selected to handle an incoming purchase order or inventory transfer. ‘Products out’ should be selected to issue an order or inventory transfer.

Receiving a Purchase Order

Select Products In.

Select Handle Purchase Order.

There are two ways to search for an order in the application. One way is searching using the Supplier/Tracking Number on the Purchase Order and Select the Start Handling option. This can be found on a Purchase Order in the Tracking Number field.


Alternatively, you can use the Search For Orders option to load the Purchase Order. This option requires you to enter in the date range of the Purchase Order and also the Supplier that is attached to the Purchase Order.

Once the Purchase Order is found, enter the received products by scanning the product barcode or by manually entering the UPC code.  The product quantity that is being received can then be entered, if rapid scanning is activated then the amount of 1 will be added to the total count for that product.

When all received products have been entered/scanned, you will be able to choose End Work.

The total number of items that were on the Purchase Order and the total number that was entered/scanned by the user will be displayed. There is also an option to run a Detailed Comparison Report that will breakdown the results of each product that appears on the Purchase Order.

Once complete, select Confirm arrival of goods which will automatically create an confirmed Purchase Invoice in your accounts back office. Now that the document is confirmed, the items will be received and the stock levels will be increased accordingly.  

Receiving Products from Another Warehouse

A Transfer Order has to be initially created in the Erply Back Office. In the Back Office, all items should be added.

In the application select the location that is receiving the products.

Select Products In since this location is receiving the Transfer Order.

The user should select Handle Transfer.

The Transfer Order can be found by entering the order number that appears in the Erply Back Office upon saving the order.  

Once the number is entered, select Begin.

Now, enter in the UPC code or scan the barcode of the product. Enter in the quantity then select OK, if rapid scanning is activated the application will automatically add 1 to the product total.

Once all the items are scanned, select End work, where the reporting of the scanned products is available. Select Confirm the arrival of goods to complete the receiving or Back to scan if you would like to continue scanning products.

Once confirmed a warehouse transfer is created in the Back Office and the stock will be transferred to the new warehouse/location.